Sunday, September 30, 2012

No D day!

I was on a roll this weekend! I was the "House Keeping Queen". I moved two bookcases to two new locations in the house. Had to make room to relocate the two bearded dragons to the dining room. Vacuumed and cleaned the carpet under everything that was moved and got a little crazy and did most of the other  carpet in the house. Then I washed the blood from many walls and closet doors. Thank god Ruger's ear is now healed, and my house will no longer look like a crime scene.

That was just yesterday. Today, I cleaned out the spare bedroom. While it isn't done, it is amazingly better than when I started. It now has a floor that you can see! And the bathroom is now sparkling!

My poor dogs didn't quite know what to do with theselves as I ran in and out of the house. They just knew I had to be getting ready to leave, and finally, they gave up and just laid in front of the door. I just know they would have had a fit if I had grabbed my keys!

If I ever doubted what Dingo and Pogo (the bearded dragons) could see outside their glass cages, I have no doubt now. They are now placed about 18 inches from one of my aquariums. And here's Pogo:

His beard is black because he is ready to go hunting. For the fish...

I think that one. And honestly, the fish are never just "hanging out" on that side of the tank, so I think they were curious or teasing. I'm leaning toward teasing. The brats!
In case you are wondering why I'm waxing poetic about a clean house and goofy pets, today, Monday October 1st, is No D Day. I'm not mentioning D today. Just the other amazing things in my life. For other No D posts, check out the list here for some other great blogs NOT talking about the D!


  1. I hate doing housework but love it when I am done! That feeling of, yeah this place looks good, is nice.

    Motivation can be so crippling but when you finally get motivated you feel empowered! I love that!

    1. I definitely had a great sense of accomplishment when it was finished! It's taken me a month to get motivated and just do it! (Thaks Nike!)