Friday, September 28, 2012

Public Speaking Sucks

I am an instructor at my local community college in what is called the Medical Careers Exploration Program. We teach HS age kids and introduce them to the wide variety of careers in the medical profession. (Bet you figured that out from the name...) We have guest speakers come in to talk to the kids, go on tours of different types of medical facilities and give them all the tools they need to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. It is a way cool, super fun job.

Last year we had a guest speaker unexpectedly bail out on us. (Can we say "No call/No show"?) So in a pinch, I stepped up and talked for an hour (without any preparation) about dealing with diabetes and the things I need to do to remain healthy. It was nerve wracking (I don't like speaking in the public) but real fun. I showed off my D stuff and talked about how hard it can be at times.

The lead instructors were so impressed that they asked if I would do it again this year. How could I possibly say no? (After all, they are my "bosses") Now, I have two weeks until I speak and I still haven't figured out how I can possibly fill an hour of time talking about it. I had a tough time when I took Speech in HS and college trying to do a 5 minute speech on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

On the other hand, I have some wicked cool "Show and Tell" stuff. I saved all my D trash for a month to show how much garbage we generate. (Non recyclable I might add) and a couple of insulin vials. I also have an old Dexcom site, sealed in a baggie, and the trial Omnipod. And while I'm not using it just yet, I can show off my pump and hopefully an infusion set too.

I thought maybe a slide show of D-memes and cartoons up on the screen and trying to find ways to engage discussion would be helpful too. Any ideas from you all? I'd love to hear any. I kinda feel like it's a chance to educate and advocate.

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