Thursday, November 1, 2012

Quiet and Busy

I have so much I've been wanting to say. After all, I did just take a huge step and started on the pump last week. (cue the balloons) But I have to admit I've been so busy working that I haven't had time to just relax. (I think I'll sleep when I'm dead at this rate...) My one day off last week was filled with "have to do's" and the one this week was an endo appt. and this weekend is a memorial service. (very sad and deserves it's own post) I didn't realize how busy I was until yesterday, when I couldn't remember the last time I was lazy for an entire day. So now I'm praying for a "voluntary time off" day that isn't really voluntary. (An unexpected day off would be nice right about now.) I promise, I swear, pinky swear even, to get a post up over the weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

That's how I roll...

CDE's are the nicest people.

Pump Start with my endo!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Best D-line EVER!

I was talking with a fellow nurse/coworker/friend yesterday about Blue Fridays and the DOC. She had no clue what I was talking about and when I explained that "DOC" stood for Diabetes Online Community, she said, "Oh! I thought it was a gang thing" and I said "Yep, the DOC gang! Don't mess with us, we're armed with needles!" I'm pretty sure our patient's thought we were crazy from laughing so hard!

I love everyone I work with, but I want to give a special shout out to Myla for helping me not sink last night. Myla, you are awesome!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Thoughts for the day

The future depends on what we do in the present. -Gandhi
Every day with diabetes is a new day. It doesn't really matter what happened yesterday or last week, because it is my choice right now to manage diabetes in the way that works best for me. So each day I start fresh, let go of what didn't work yesterday and move forward. On the other hand, it's always nice to look back and be able to see a pattern of what works and use that to guide your current choices. I saw the endo last week and got my A1c results. (Note: it's just another number in the calculus of diabetes management.) It's now down even further than previously. Honestly, it probably hasn't been this low since before my pancreas when kaput. And the best part is, it's not due to daily doses of hypoglycemia, but due to diligent management. I've been trying to grab diabetes by the throat and hold it down.

I met with the CDE and the RD last week. Was very disappointed to learn that there is not a T1D support group in my area. I get the reasoning, that many T1D's in the area are busy and active young adults, but it would be really nice to find some local folks who are doing the daily diabetes dance, just like me. (Alliteration is fun when it's spontaneous!) I was talking with my boss the other day at lunch, and telling her about the lack of person-to-person support. She looked at me and said, "So you're going to start one." I smiled, because she knows me so well! So now I'm planning on reaching out to JDRF and ADA for support to get something going. I'm also wondering if it wouldn't be nice to have a T1D available to visit with people who are newly diagnosed, give tips and tricks, introduce new people to the DOC, and just generally love on people in a very trying time of their life. When I see the CDE again, next week, I'm going to bring that up. Perhaps there is something at the local hospitals that I can volunteer for, or at least provide my contact information to be made available to those newly diagnosed. I am feeling a definite calling to do this and am restless while I try to "get my house in order".
 My new Animas Ping pump came by UPS last Friday. It is a GORGEOUS blue.
OK, not the greatest pic ever, but it works!

When I ordered it I expressed my desire for a purple pump, and Caroline graciously sent me a complimentary purple pump cover! (Caroline, you are a genuine ROCKSTAR!!)
Freaking GORGEOUS! I'll be rocking my Kylee colors!

I've been checking the prices on the One Touch strips that go to the meter remote that came with my pump and HOLY COW! That's all I have to say about that. Let's just say it's not the $9 I currently spend for 50 strips for my Relion Prime meter. I'm not sure the convenience is worth the cost. I figure I'll use up the 10 strips that came with it when I get the pump up and running next month and go from there.


On that note, October 23rd is officially PUMP START DAY!! It can't possibly come soon enough, yet I know that time will pass quickly. 22 days and counting.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

No D day!

I was on a roll this weekend! I was the "House Keeping Queen". I moved two bookcases to two new locations in the house. Had to make room to relocate the two bearded dragons to the dining room. Vacuumed and cleaned the carpet under everything that was moved and got a little crazy and did most of the other  carpet in the house. Then I washed the blood from many walls and closet doors. Thank god Ruger's ear is now healed, and my house will no longer look like a crime scene.

That was just yesterday. Today, I cleaned out the spare bedroom. While it isn't done, it is amazingly better than when I started. It now has a floor that you can see! And the bathroom is now sparkling!

My poor dogs didn't quite know what to do with theselves as I ran in and out of the house. They just knew I had to be getting ready to leave, and finally, they gave up and just laid in front of the door. I just know they would have had a fit if I had grabbed my keys!

If I ever doubted what Dingo and Pogo (the bearded dragons) could see outside their glass cages, I have no doubt now. They are now placed about 18 inches from one of my aquariums. And here's Pogo:

His beard is black because he is ready to go hunting. For the fish...

I think that one. And honestly, the fish are never just "hanging out" on that side of the tank, so I think they were curious or teasing. I'm leaning toward teasing. The brats!
In case you are wondering why I'm waxing poetic about a clean house and goofy pets, today, Monday October 1st, is No D Day. I'm not mentioning D today. Just the other amazing things in my life. For other No D posts, check out the list here for some other great blogs NOT talking about the D!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Public Speaking Sucks

I am an instructor at my local community college in what is called the Medical Careers Exploration Program. We teach HS age kids and introduce them to the wide variety of careers in the medical profession. (Bet you figured that out from the name...) We have guest speakers come in to talk to the kids, go on tours of different types of medical facilities and give them all the tools they need to become a Certified Nursing Assistant. It is a way cool, super fun job.

Last year we had a guest speaker unexpectedly bail out on us. (Can we say "No call/No show"?) So in a pinch, I stepped up and talked for an hour (without any preparation) about dealing with diabetes and the things I need to do to remain healthy. It was nerve wracking (I don't like speaking in the public) but real fun. I showed off my D stuff and talked about how hard it can be at times.

The lead instructors were so impressed that they asked if I would do it again this year. How could I possibly say no? (After all, they are my "bosses") Now, I have two weeks until I speak and I still haven't figured out how I can possibly fill an hour of time talking about it. I had a tough time when I took Speech in HS and college trying to do a 5 minute speech on how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich!

On the other hand, I have some wicked cool "Show and Tell" stuff. I saved all my D trash for a month to show how much garbage we generate. (Non recyclable I might add) and a couple of insulin vials. I also have an old Dexcom site, sealed in a baggie, and the trial Omnipod. And while I'm not using it just yet, I can show off my pump and hopefully an infusion set too.

I thought maybe a slide show of D-memes and cartoons up on the screen and trying to find ways to engage discussion would be helpful too. Any ideas from you all? I'd love to hear any. I kinda feel like it's a chance to educate and advocate.