Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What was I thinking?

I'm sure we all have those moments where we look back over the last few hours (or days) and say to ourselves, "What the H3LL was I thinking?" I did that last night.

Yesterday was a good day! Got my therapy appointment for my hand, helping a friend move (I have the truck, because my hand is useless-ish), going with another friend to be with her thru surgery, and scheduled an interview for later this week, took the kids to the dogpark.

This is Brooklynn.

Rather fabulous day by any standard! I have been the dream patient as far as logging is concerned for over two months now, so imagine my suprise when I go to log my HS blood sugar and see I have logged only one other thing ALL DAY. Seriously, I have my fasting and my bedtime glucose numbers and that's it. WTF? I know I ate but I can't remember even taking any insulin.

Personally I am hoping that it was a one time aberration because I am too damn proud of having such great control lately and have no desire to see my A1c over 7.0% in August! It can't have been too overly bad since my fasting this morning was 142, but that is definitely higher than normal. So, nose back to the grindstone Marcie.

 "... I'm just telling it like it is...I learned that the hard way. You have to walk the long walk, and I have strong legs." - from Blood Money by Laura M. Rizio

Ruger running in the creek.

Meekah loves to retrieve.

I had to put up pix of the other two so they wouldn't get jealous. They are avid readers of My Pancreas Hates Me. :-)