Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Site Change

I've been whining all week because the first site I chose has been sensitive. Every little bump or rustle of clothing reminds me it's there with a little dull pain. And I think I'm getting Alzheimers, cause I just knew I put it in on Wednesday of last week, so I was super surprised to see Dex (who needs a new name) tell me I had 6 hours to change my sensor!

To be on the safe side, I pulled out the instructions and double checked that I did know what I thought I knew and got out my goodies:

The inserter
 What you can't see is the three alcohol swabs I also had with me.

In all it's glory!
 Step one: End the sensor session and remove the existing sensor.

Here is the 7 day old sensor/transmitter, prior to removal.

It looks worse than it really was. Didn't feel a thing when it came off/out.

Step two: Insert new sensor. Piece of cake! The needle isn't a 10 g, maybe more like 18 g. For the record though, it is still HUGE!

See the wickedly huge needle in there?
Step three: Remove the transmitter from the old sensor and attach to the new one.

Done, done, and done! The best part came when I had to put in two glucose readings after 2 hours to calibrate it. 101 on the index finger and 96 on the middle.

On a completely unrelated note, I have been asked to be a guest speaker for the Medical Careers Exploration class offered at Front Range Community College in October to talk about diabetes and tell my story. Is that way cool or what?

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