Sunday, April 15, 2012

Why I am here, why you are here

I have diabetes. Officially it's Type 2, that's what my doc bills my insurance company anyway. I, on the other hand, don't buy it. Does it matter? Not really. The D is the D, if you ask me. You can take two PWD and compare them and get widely different stories, and stories are what this blog is about.

I am sarcastic. I talk to myself. Heck, I talk to my pancreas! (It completely ignores me. That's why I think it hates me.) I talk to my friends, my kids, my long-suffering husband, my co-workers, pretty much anyone or anything with ears. My dogs hear all about it. I love community and I love talking. I think sometimes I just want to know I am helping someone other than myself. That's why I became a nurse.

So here I am. Talking about me and the dia-dragon. Why are you here? Did you just hit the "next blog" button? Were you looking for some diabetes support? I like to think that the reason you (yes, you specifically who is reading this now) are here is that you needed a good laugh about a disease that makes no sense at all. That you were looking for yet another perspective on how to go do your daily battle with the dia-dragon.

I know I've had a whopping 6 views of this blog to date, so I'm hoping that you six keep coming back, that I can speak to you in a way that reaches you, and that perhaps, I can make a difference to you. If not, it won't be my first case of talking to myself!

So gear up for battle, because the dia-dragon doesn't take a day off.

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