Sunday, April 8, 2012

Maybe yes, Maybe no

I  I am 36 years old and have a stable weight for over 7 years of ~115 lbs. I was diagnosed as a T2 just over three years ago. Started on metformin, which was OK for about 6 mos. Then my sugars went haywire. Up, down, up, down.

Chapter 2: Lantus. Better control comparatively, but I was still going high every evening. Tried splitting the dose to no avail.

Chapter 3: Add humalog. Take Lantus mid morning. Marginally better control, but I am so sensitive to Humalog that I would have crazy lows at completely unexpected times, sometimes 5-6 hours after injections.

Fast forward to today: Been experimenting with carb counting, insulin-carb ratios, and the sliding scale I use. Interestingly, my highest BS today was my fasting of 167. Currently, I am 93. The idea to try this came after reading everything I could find about LADA or T1.5. I'm asking my doc to order the blood tests to confirm/rule out this form of diabetes.

Do I think this will work? Well, it seems to work for so many out there, so yeah. Is it going to be easy? Is anything related to the bees easy? No, it's a lot of work. But the satisfaction of having a day full of numbers below 160 leaves me feeling like I am the Maharajah. And, frankly, that's a pretty good feeling.

I AM a medical professional (nurse), but every diabetic is unique. My body will do different things than yours. My doc has given me permission to tweak my insulin, and I NEVER do so without telling my husband and best friend (both of whom are also nurses) for my own safety. Please, please, please! Do not make changes to your treatment regimen without consulting your doctor!

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