Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eenie, Meter, Minie, Moe

Sometimes I feel like choosing a meter is like choosing a mate. You really don't want to commit until you are sure it's what you want. Well, I have had my ReliOn micro for over a year and I like it. Meter is cheap and strips are cheap. It doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles like the "expensive name brand" meters, but it is accurate and small. (Small is the best part!)

Kim Vlasik, of Texting My Pancreas fame, posted this link to the Walmart Pressroom. Walmart has a deal with ReliOn to sell the ReliOn Prime meter for $16 and the 50 count strips for $9. Seriously, nine dollars! Next thing I know I'm off to Walmart and I have to check this out.

The meter was $16.24, compared to my micro at $8.94. (That's a one time cost, I can live with that) But the strips! I pay $36 for 100 strips for the micro, because that's a better deal than the $19.84 for 50. But it really was only $9 for the 50 count. Saving money any way I can, I bought it! I figure it will have paid for itself when I buy the next batch of strips.

Here's the proof!

Saving of the money, by spending the money. That's just weird but true!

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